Title: Come Thru
Artist: Drake
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Drake - Come Thru


Bottega Veneta S/S 2015 Menswear

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Title: OoOoo from White Sky
Artist: Vampire Weekend
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Six straight minutes of Ezra’s Ooo from White Sky. Enjoy

Rebekah Anne Bono is in the room right next to me and will not answer my phone call but i know she’s awake because she just reblogged something. I KNOW YOURE AWAKE REBS COME SPOON ME PLEASE.

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Holy fuck no.

Just had the best day ever and it was ruined because I saw two people fucking in the apartments community hot tub I want to. DIE. I got see all my old friends and my roommate at a big party. Came home took an incredible bubble bath which I haven’t done since I was like fucking six and went out on my nice new balcony to smoke a cig and what do I see. TWO FUCKING PEOPLE FUCKING FUCKING IN THE HOT TUB FUCK. Like what? At least I know not to get in it. I just can’t believe I saw that. College. Fucking college. Jesus Christ help me.

it’s empty af but i’m all moved in. Just gotta get some stuff on the walls! A new life…well a new room. I’m still gonna sleep till 10pm and wear wigs. 

Title: Pendulum
Artist: FKA twigs
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so lonely trying to be yours… when you’re looking for so much more.